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Protect Your Right to Vape: Ask your Senators to change the predicate date. 

Congress must change the predicate date for e-vapor products.  If the date is not changed, e-vapor products will face a higher regulatory burden than cigarettes. This makes no sense.  Many e-vapor products may be forced off the market.

There is good news. The House passed a government funding bill that keeps e-vapor products on the market and includes language to change the predicate date.   Currently, that date is February 15, 2007—meaning any e-vapor product introduced after that date would be subject to a lengthy, expensive review process to continue to be sold.  E-vapor products hardly existed in 2007.  And, because most e-vapor companies and vape shops are small businesses, this could put them out of business.

E-vapor products should not be subject to a predicate date that is almost a decade in the past—a date intended for cigarettes and other traditional tobacco products. Speak out today to protect your right to vape!