Hundreds of e-vapor brands are sold today and adult vapers have many choices for where to buy their products – including online.

Vaper Rights believes adults should be able to purchase e-vapor products in retail stores and online, as long as sales are not made to kids and follow all applicable laws.

Lawmakers in Utah and Maine have already banned the sale of e-vapor products online. Others are considering banning e-vapor products in certain locations, like convenience stores. Sales bans will make it harder for vapers to get the legal products they buy today.

Vaper Rights opposes complete sales bans in retail stores or online. As long as e-cigarette online sales are restricted to adults and follow all applicable laws, there is no reason to ban them or restrict what stores they can be purchased in.

Vaper Rights believes adult smokers and vapers should be able to purchase e-vapor products online.

Similar to online sales of other products intended for adults, such as wine, companies can sell e-cigarettes online in ways that ensure products are not being purchased by or delivered to kids. Sales should be age verified.

Preventing underage sales is a very important issue and a goal we all share, but it doesn’t mean adults should be denied the choice and convenience of buying online.

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