We Support Laws that Keep E-vapor Products Out of Kids’ Hands

Vaper Rights believes kids should not buy or use e-vapor products.

Vaper Rights supports efforts to keep e-vapor products out of kids’ hands and believes:

Efforts by political leaders, tobacco companies, and retailers have driven underage use of conventional tobacco products to historic lows.  But in light of recent increases in e-vapor product use among minors, Vaper Rights believes the time has come to enact legislation to raise the minimum age of purchase for all tobacco products from 18 to 21. We believe that raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, including e-vapor, to 21 is the most effective action to reverse rising underage e-vapor usage rates, and we believe this action will help preserve the harm reduction opportunity that these types of products present to adult smokers.

The number one way kids today get access to tobacco products is by obtaining them from legal age purchasers. Approximately 80% of high school students in the U.S. turn 18 years old before graduation. By raising the minimum age to 21, high school students will not be able to purchase tobacco products legally, adding another hurdle to help reduce social access.

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