Adult smokers and vapers should have choices in the e-vapor products they use, including flavored products. Laws that severely restrict or ban flavors in vapor products interfere with adult consumer choice, and are unfair.

We agree that kids should not buy or use any e-vapor products, including flavored products.

Any regulation of flavored products should occur at the federal level by the FDA. Congress empowered the FDA to restrict flavors if it determines that such action would be appropriate for the protection of the public health based on science and evidence. The FDA is funding research and science to understand more about flavored e-vapor products.

Far reaching flavor bans are not the solution. At the state and local levels, Vaper Rights believes the focus should remain on preventing underage access to e-vapor products, and ensuring responsible marketing and responsible sales of e-vapor products.

Vaper Rights opposes comprehensive flavor bans because:

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